Friday, May 11, 2018



Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article I came across in Tuesday’s Edition of your newspaper. I was disappointed to read this article “Travelling by train a thing of the past”. I am from a Travel train company and I am going to explain why I think this article do not says the truth.

Firstly, there is an obvious advantage of traveling by other methods of transport, like you say in the article, they are not travelling by train. But this does not verify that I share your opinion. When I am talking with other methods of transport, I am not discriminanting the train because I am still thinking it is a good method of transport. So, if you say it is only a thing of the past, that is not the truth.

Next, lots of people use train every day to go work or to study or something. Is a good transport that, if you live in a big city, it is good and you can use it often.

Finally, I know the use of this method is not like before. Before, to make a big trip, always had to use train. Now, I know, the train is not the most used but it doesn’t mean that it is not used at all. If it were only for the past, our company would be ruined. So, I therefore suggest you think carefully before printing such comments.

King regards,

Roser Bramon.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to wash your hair in space?

I'm very surprised because I had never though about it! How the astronauts wash their hair? I had never thiough it could be like in this video: with a water purse. It think it would be more easier if NASA makes a room without gravity for have a shouer because they'll lost less time! But is too a good option and very curious how do they really do it. So, enjoy the video!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Stranger things

In my opinion, Stranger Things is one of the best series that I have ever seen. 
I thing the best season is the first because the second is a little bored. So, I'm going to talk about the first season. I'll try not to do spoiler. xd

This story happens in a small American town of Hawkins and it's from the eighties. The six characters who have made this supernatural series so popular are:

  • Mike
Mike is the leader of the gang. He is the best frend of Will and he fall in love with Eleven.

  • Will
Will is the boy who disappears for inexplicable reasons and by stranger things. The gang want to find him but is so difficult and dangerous. 
  • Eleven
Eleven is the hero of the series. She is a misterious girl that have escapes from the lavoratory where she has lived all her life with her dad. She defends her new friends from the moster (the demogorgon) and she wants to find her mother and her sister. She finally fall in love with Mike.

  • Dustin
Dustin is the loveable joker in the series. He is a little bit silly and so funny. He fall in love with Max but he is in her friend zone. Poor Dustin!

  • Lucas
Lucas is another member of the gang. He hates Eleven but finally they become friends. He is really attracted to the new girl Max too, like Dustin...

  • Max
Max is the new firl at the start of Season 2. Eleven hates her because she thinks that Max is flirting with Mike and is jealous.  In reality, she haves a difficult love triangle forms with Dustin and Lucas!

Monday, March 26, 2018

My trip to Italy!


Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago, we went to Italy with the class and now I’m going to explain our trip to Italy.

Our trip started the Monday 5. We met at school at 3 am! Too early for us! And we went by bus to Barcelona. At 6.25 our plane was flying to Italy! We landed in Bergman. There, we took a bus to Bergman. We visit Bergman and we ate our first Italian pizza! It was delicious! To finish the day, we took another bus and we went to Verona.

The second day, we took a train at 8:21 am and we went to Venice. There, we visit Sant Marc’s square, the Campanile… At 4 pm we took the Vaporeto, fabulous views were seen! At the end, we returned to Verona.

Just start the third day, we took another train. This time, but, we went to Florence. We did a change of train in Bologna. We arrived so late to Florence. So, the third day we only visit the city.

In the fourth day we stayed all the day in Florence. There, we visited Il Duomo, Ufizzi’s Gallery, The Florence Academy of Art… A very artistic day! I loved it!

Our trip was finalizing. We are all really sad and tired. On this last day, we go by bus to Luca: a very beautiful little town. There, we had free time and we spend all the morning going shopping. We took another bus and we went to our last destination: Pisa. There we spend all the afternoon going shopping too! We went early to the airport. Our plane arrived in Barcelona at 00:15 am. Finally, we took the last bus to get home, sweet home.

This is the end of our fantastic trip!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Speaking first (1)

What are the advantages for the people of spending their free time in these ways?

·         The people in the fourth photograph are having more fun than in the third photograph because they are so much people and more crowded.
·         The people in the second photograph are spending so much money than in the first photograph.
·         The people in the first photograph are having more fun than in the second photograph.
·         In the third photograph they are doing less exercise than in the second. They are twice indoors.
·         The people in the third photograph are more relaxed than in the fourth photograph because they are less crowded.
·         The people in the first and second photograph are doing exercise. In the first photograph they are outdoors, however, in the second photograph they are indoors.
·         The people in the third photograph are not doing any exercise and no much excited, they are a little bit lazy.

·         The advantage of the first photograph is that they are outdoors and they are doing exercise.

·         The advantage of the second photograph is that they are doing exercise and they are more concentrated.

·         The advantage of the third photograph is that they are chill out.

·         The advantage of the fourth photograph is that they are crowded, energetic and having fun.

Friday, November 24, 2017

A bad experience in a shop

234 ps/ Indústria
CV5 2XS 
LIDL shop
267 Dean Street
W1D 5RS 

Saturday 21th October 

Dear Sir/Madam,  

I am writing to complain about a bad experience in your shop. This happened last Monday, 16th of October in your shop in Banyoles. 

When we came to your shop we just wanted to buy a snack. We did not have more than 1€. So, we were looking for a bargain. We were absolutely brilliant because we found it! We just wanted to buy kites. This bid just cost 0,75€. This were the price that appeared in the advert. So: what is the problem? Then, here it comes: We had to do a long store queue, plenty of people, and we did not have time. But, the worst part is not. When we finally arrived to the cashier, the employee said that it cost 1,19€. Whaat?? The price advertised was 0,75! 

Furthermore, the employee was really bitter and not enough dedicated. Simply, we  want to refund the purchase. We were shocked. We were really tired and extremely sad because we had lost our free time with a rude person.  

Until now, I have always been really impressed with your company and associated your products with quality and good taste. I would be grateful if you could notify the woman of her misconduct. Certainly it would be good to check the price posters. And maybe also make a store queue for people who want to buy a single product. I look forward to receiving it in the very near future. 

Yours faithful, 

Roser Bramon