Friday, November 24, 2017

A bad experience in a shop

234 ps/ Indústria
CV5 2XS 
LIDL shop
267 Dean Street
W1D 5RS 

Saturday 21th October 

Dear Sir/Madam,  

I am writing to complain about a bad experience in your shop. This happened last Monday, 16th of October in your shop in Banyoles. 

When we came to your shop we just wanted to buy a snack. We did not have more than 1€. So, we were looking for a bargain. We were absolutely brilliant because we found it! We just wanted to buy kites. This bid just cost 0,75€. This were the price that appeared in the advert. So: what is the problem? Then, here it comes: We had to do a long store queue, plenty of people, and we did not have time. But, the worst part is not. When we finally arrived to the cashier, the employee said that it cost 1,19€. Whaat?? The price advertised was 0,75! 

Furthermore, the employee was really bitter and not enough dedicated. Simply, we  want to refund the purchase. We were shocked. We were really tired and extremely sad because we had lost our free time with a rude person.  

Until now, I have always been really impressed with your company and associated your products with quality and good taste. I would be grateful if you could notify the woman of her misconduct. Certainly it would be good to check the price posters. And maybe also make a store queue for people who want to buy a single product. I look forward to receiving it in the very near future. 

Yours faithful, 

Roser Bramon 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Informal email

Hi Emma!

How are you? What have you been doing since we last met?
I've been getting involved in drama class. And I'm really happy!

I decide to go along to his because I love theatre. So, why not?
I’ve met lots of friends and I think it will be a good experience to make a personal improvement. I mean, I’ve read a lot of articles that say that “theatre makes an effort to make the most of you”.

Has that ever happened to you? I mean, have you ever been something enthusiastical?

Anyway, we could meet one day. Keep in touch!

Bye for now,


Monday, October 2, 2017

Catalan referendum: what's happening?

What shocked me?

Sincerely, a lot of things surprised me: in a bad way and too in a good way. 

I didn't think really that the government could treat the people that way: old people, young children, teens, adults... All kinds of people suffered aggregation. There was no respect. Is this normal? 
The videos frighten me. And some made me rage and cry. I'm really defrauded, really, I can't belive it. It seems like we are in the past. Have we returned to the past?

Luckily, there are good things. Yesterday we have prove that we are people of peace and 
peaceful. We demonstrated united and moderation. And I'm really proud of that.

What I don't agree with is in the way in witch  "Guardia Civil" treated people and also the big manipulation of what really happened.  Only remember:

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

What is the summary sentence for me?

"Violence is not solution"

"Union makes the force"

"Democracy is a right"

"The media lie"

Resultat d'imatges de catalunya referendum

Friday, September 22, 2017

My last summer


My name is Roser and I'm going to talk about my last summer. This summer has been a good and busy summer and it gone so fast!

First, I'm going to talk about my trip to Northern Spain and Portugal, then I'm going to explain my London trip and finally my ordinary summer days.

Let's go! The holidays began in June, and just the following week I did my first trip. I went to Northern Spain and Portugal with my family. I really like that place! Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, la Rioja, Oporto... looks like here! They are familiar places and really nice! The worst part of this adventure was the trip path. We went by car and it's 14 hours!!!

After that, July started. I really love July because it is my birthday! During this month, I've done another trip! In the second journey we travelled to London. I was really excited because I had never been there. London is a diferent and lovely place. I love it! I love the people, places, bars and travel by metro! There I learnt a lot of English!

Then, Agoust arrived. These were a few quiet days. I didn't make another trip. These days I met friends, I went to the beach in Palamós and Platja d'Aro and I reviewed a bit of Maths and French...

In conclusion, this vacations have been unexpected, fantastic and with a lot of nice surprises, travels and new friends!

So, this is my summer holidays,

Bye for now, 


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Holi festival ~ megazine podcast

I'm Rosie and I'm going to talk about Holi festival!!!

The holi is an indian festival and is about colors: is an explosion of colors: don't be offended, it's holi!

Calebrated since several centuries before Christ, Holi has its origins in a Hindu story about the triumph of good over evil, but it has become the least religious of India's festivals. So, part from being religios indian festival is too a symbol of spring.

In the holi there are only one rule: enjoy the festival!

So, what are you waiting for go there?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A formal letter

43 Aden Street
Tel: 007 891 466
The Editor
Brinklow Times
High Street
Palamós / Banyoles
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing on behalf of all the people who go to the Palamós beach to tell you about the new hotel.
For years ago, my friends and I went to this beach and we don’t agree with the new hotel because it will make the beach private.

We are organizing a demonstration in the street to protest. It is not fair. We sill be stubborn and we are going to use the Palamós central street to do the protest. We are now getting signatures and we don’t need any Money.

In order to publicize our campaign, we would e very grateful if your newspaper could write an article about the unfair situation. The demonstration is going to be this Saturday, 21 of May.

Please contact me on the number or email address given above to discuss further details.

Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Roser Bramon